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I wanted to briefly state my purpose in creating this blog before you commence reading. I did not design this page nor do I post these trite and nonsensical ramblings of a girl who's losing her mind, surpringly quickly I may add, in order to advocate eating disorders of any variety. I make no apologies for my candid yet humble outpourings of a troubled soul; I attempt to make enough amends with myself and loved ones daily. Rather, the confines of my brain are simply becoming too small to contain the vast amounts of thoughts that crop up daily. Thus, I write in an attempt to save whatever remnant of sanity remains within me. I write to alleviate the pressure that has become unbearable to keep encapsulated. And I write for those of you who understand the struggle and interpret my words as your own.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pro Ana Mia chat room

Pro Ana Mia chat room

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